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Giving Hope

First of its Kind, Market-Driven Movement

  • Created by two International not-for-profit organizations.
  • Provides nature’s most powerful nutritional technologies to help meet the world’s most challenging health concerns.
  • Driven by a Social Business 3.0 shared revenue/travel/giving program to maximize global impact.

We Give Hope to Children Facing Impossible Odds

Consider these Facts:

  • Immune deficiency, caused mainly by malnourishment and poor sanitation, makes children highly susceptible to chronic and infectious diseases.
  • Over 6 million children die every year from these conditions while tens of millions more become disabled or mentally challenged for life.
  • The rise of chronic and infectious diseases continues as a growing world challenge.

How can we positively impact these challenges?

  • First, optimize your own health with Alovéa products.
  • Alovéa then matches what you consume, serving for serving, with the same advanced nutritional support for a child in need.

Our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ model of social giving is at the very heart of our Social Business mission. Consumers receive the best nourishment that science has to offer while providing a sustainable funding mechanism for meeting the needs of children, who without our support, have little hope of achieving and maintaining good health.

“Marta and I are excited to partner with Alovéa and the HOPE Movement in providing the best immune supporting products to our most vulnerable children. We invite each of you to Mexico to witness the amazing work we are doing together”

— Vicente Fox, President of Mexico (2000-2006)

How We Give

For every serving of product purchased from Alovéa, a serving of HOPE Boost™ is provided to a child in need.

HOPE Boost™

HOPE Boost is a nutritional dense Alovéa AE™ infused powered blend that can easily be added to any type of meal, turning whatever these children have to eat, into the most nourishing meal they’ll ever eat.

In areas of the world where access to health care is either deficient or non – existent, the activation of a child’s immune system has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for saving lives.

HOPE Movement

Our Impact So Far


servings of nutritional support to children in need… and counting.


The Best Life-Changing Experience

You can become eligible to qualify for your own expenses-paid IMPACT Xperience Trip to Léon, Mexico. While on an IMPACT Xperience Trip you’ll get to experience firsthand what we do in orphanages.

Our IMPACT Xperience Trips have been described as “moving” and “life-changing.” This experience is sure to ignite the desire within you to evolve your giving with the HOPE Movement.

While in Mexico you’ll stay with the former President of Mexico Vicente Fox and his wife, Marta Fox, at their beautiful Hacienda.

Start your ripple today in your community and experience your IMPACT firsthand!

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